Gimbal Imaging Systems Trainer (GIST) a complete EO/IR training solution
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Training sensor operators to succeed in their missions
Mission Trainers and Flight Simulators
Gimbal Imaging Systems Trainer (GIST) a complete EO/IR training solution
Custom Reality in a Virtual Environment
Gimbal Imaging Systems Trainer (GIST) a complete EO/IR training solution

AeroSimulators Group – an expert provider of

simulation products since 2001

As a Simulation & Training company, we specialize in providing high value training solutions to the ISR community. We always seek a customer oriented solution to the most complex operational challenges in the ISR environment: simple solutions where possible, more sophisticated solutions if necessary.

Our experience, expertise and versatile approach enable perfect structuring of your training requirements.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our locations in the U.K., Belgium or the U.S.A.

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  • AeroSimulators, the first company to provide industry with an Electro–optic/ Infrared (EO/IR) sensor simulator, currently offers a suite of such simulation solutions to the Aerospace and Defense industry within our GIST product line. 

  • ASG Sensor Academy, the group’s training enterprise, offers a comprehensive range of courses for the operators of airborne, ground-based or maritime Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensor systems and equipment.

  • AeroSimulators has expanded its product portfolio to leverage its experience into the production of non-certified, lower cost Flight Mission Trainers (FMT), addressing the differing skills in multi-crew, multi-mission environments. 

Custom Reality in a Virtual Environment - CuRVE

To be effective, a simulated environment requires the correct level of realism in its scenery, objects and scenarios. AeroSimulators provides such features within its proprietary CuRVE concept.

World-wide scenery content can range from a low resolution, generic presentation to very high resolution, detailed and customized target areas, and is designed to be usable in daytime, low light and infrared simulations.

Objects available within the CuRVE repository are comprised of features, life forms and vehicles, all of which are available for air, maritime or land environments.

While standard mission scenarios are available, customized scenario creation is developed in close cooperation with our customers. These scenarios can be simple sequential situations, or complex and highly interactive, depending on an operator’s needs.

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